Sunday, May 31, 2009

chocolate cake

this was meant for the stamptacularl sunday challenge but i was too late so i thought i would post it

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My garden in May

Well here are some pics of my little garden taken this afternoon
Sorry i'm going to be a bit of a hog with the

Above is the side view of the path with 2 arches and all my plant pots

This is my minature cherry tree which is lovely in spring. There used to be a horrid apple tree here years ago but i dug it out and made the are into a shape which i am slowly filling with plants and of course bark to keep the weeds out and my little quirky
This is my runner beans in a pot on the patio in front of the summer house.

These are lovely daisy plants that the birds keep leaving me and as i love daisies i have left them they look wonderful in the summer....and they are multiplying like mad too

This is my summer house which is in the corner of my slowly getting everything sorted out

This is my veggie garden, sorry its not a good pic as ih ave a fishing net over the top to keep the animals and birds out but it gives you an idea of my veggies.

This is the path with arches to my green house with all my pots filled with flowers and veggies
Well thankfully you will be glad to hear is all the photos i have of the
I hope you all like them
love mariell xxx

My New raised veggie beds

well its been a scorcher of a week here so i thought i would get out and sort the garden out and i took some pics so i though i would show you my garden.
Me and hubby made some raised flower beds out of wood which will also be used as a coldframe as we kept some of the units from our old double glazing which fits on the top of the box to keep the plants warm.

This come about after a friend called amanda showed me hubby says thanks for giving him extra
Anyway this is the pics of the new veggie beds/coldframe

This pic is the three boxes together on the chuckies

This is one of the boxes empty with the glass unit on the top

This one is of one filled with compost...took heeps too

Monday, May 25, 2009

Another new tilda...Tilda with lady bug

See i told you that i loved these stamps
I so love this stamps it is so cute

New spring tildas...tilda as buttefly

Im on a roll at the moment and have been busy playing with the new tilda as butterfly stamp.
Here's three to show you what ive been upto this week

I really enjoy these stamps and how you can make lovely cards with them
Hope you like them

4 Dandelion goes fishing cards

We all know how blimming hard it is to do mens cards but having bought some of the daisy and dandelion stamps its a little easier.

I have been trying to make some mens cards lately and thought i would have a try at "DANDELION GOES FISHING" and came up with 4 different cards for men using the stamp

What do you think?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

stamptacular sunday challenge No 7

Challenge #7: Pink, Green and Brown!
This week's challenge is called:Pink, Green and BrownFor this challenge, not only do you have to incorporate some sort of stamping but your entire project must be made with only the colors of pink, green and brown.

Well i started off with an image in mind and went totally the opposite you do

This weeks challenge as said is green, pink and brown so i came up with a nice butterfly card for the challenge.

I hope you like it xx

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Daisy and Dandelion challenge 10

Another challenge to make on the daisy and dandelion challenge blog

The theme this week is
'Anything but a card'
You can use anything as long as you include something from the D&D range.

i first thought oh no what can i do then i thought i would do a bookmark.

I used the new stamps DIY and made a nice bookmark, what do you think?

Friday, May 15, 2009

dragon fly tilda stamp

This was meant to be for a challenge but i didnt read it right and didnt include something from their range...oops
Well this card is made with another tilda stamp from the spring range called dragonfly and its one of 5 cards i made last night.
Hope you like it

Sunday, May 10, 2009

sunday challenge no 6

im enjoying the challenges over here

Heres my card for this sundays one

It was a horror to photograph cause i used mirror card.....doh...forgot it wouldnt be good to photograph

Anyway heres my card for the challenge.

pink and purple tilda cards

See i told you i was in love with the tilda

I made these on saturday night and just love playing with the colours

tilda with basket

I was fed up on saturday so thought i would make a card or two as you do and decided on another tilda image
I absolutely love the tilda stamps and can make them all day
I have just bought some whispers pens too and quite like them you can write with them , colour and use them as watercolour so they are pretty easy to use.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Daisy and dandelion challenge 9

i love this stamps they are so easy to stamp and so much fun

So i thought i'd have a go at the challenge again this week

Have a look here on their blog and have a go

Anyway here's my attempt at this weeks challenge

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Basket for my friend Marys 70th Birthday

My friend Mary is 70 on the 13th of may so i made her up a basket of smellies which im sure she will love and she can reuse the basket in her bathroom for all her stuff too
I think as we get older it gets harder to know what to get people for presents so a basket is a wonderful gift and you can make the theme up as you go along.
Last year i did a few baskets as christmas presents and they went down well.
So what do you think? Will Mary like it?

Hubbys Been Busy too

What a busy week we've had here. Ally has made me 2 tubs for the garden out of tongue and groove wood.
It is all nicely stained and ready for my plants to go in once i know where i want them to go...decisions
And even charlie the cat liked them he had to be in the photo

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New arrival...Dandelion goes fishing stamp....

Woo hoo i got this lovely stamp this morning and couldn't wait to try it out.

My dads birthday is on the 19th and it gave me a good excuse to try out this lovely stamp

I think im going to have a lot of fun with this one.....i still have another 2 stamps to try out watch this

Sunday, May 3, 2009

found a card on old pc

I had forgot about this one.

I made this card for my friend chrissie to give to her mum last year for mothers day last year...sadly chrissies mum passed away lately

I was thinking of her and found this card so i thought i would share it