Thursday, July 7, 2011

6 new bookmark cards

I thought i would do some more bookmark cards.
As you can see i love butterflies and thought they would look good
£7 plus p&p

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New tattoos

Oh my Word i did not realise it had been so long since i had last blogged.
Well i will have to sort that one
This is my new tattoo i have had the 2 yellow roses added to my butterfly and so far i have had 5 tattoos to make this big one and i love it, it's work in progress and i am sure i will add more to it

Bookmark cards......card and present in one

Sitting one night i thought i would make some gifts and cards in one so i have made some bookmark cards which is a present and card in one.
Often or not we would like to send someone a little gift to say thanks, happy birthday or just something to cheer them up so i think that this may be a good idea.
Let me know what you think i am also working on other bookmark cards and post some pictures soon.
cost wise i am thinking £6 what do you think?