Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas is coming

Well this year i thought i would make baskets for my family for christmas as they are getting harder and harder to get for. I also watch the forum money saving expert and that is what started me off wanting to do baskets.

So i have bought bit by bit every now and again and made some baskets.

This one is for my mum, which is in a nice banana basket...i have wrapped it in silver paper but forgot to get a

Then i did a green basket and red basket....1 each for my nieces...they both have the same in them but different colours...there is a pic of it before and after

This one is for the lady i go out dog walking with called mary who has become a really good friend. She is nearly 70 and i thought i would make her a relaxing basket of smellies.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Seed Beading

Well i needed a challenge and this certainly is.

I have just received a heap of beads from

and thought i would have a try at beading

Well i got a lovely free pattern from a lovely lady called sandra d halpenny on her website and away i went.

It took me hours but i am so happy with it, inlovely shaded of brown and gold.

Then i did another in blues....which is again by sandras lovely patterns which are so easy to follow
I am really enjoying seed weaving and hope to make many more.

Flipping blogs

Thank you very much to sue who is giving me instructions on this blogging lark even though i am rubbish at
I think my head is going to

My tattoo

Well i have been playing with the idea of getting a tattoo since i was a teenager and never got round to doing it, part of that was fear of it being really sore.

So 3 weeks ago i went into Montrose and went to The ink minx and qued up before it opened on the saturday as it was walk in day.

I arrived at 9.30 to see 4 people already there and i got really nervous.

I had about a half hour wait till it opened but the people in the que were really nice and reasured me it wasn't sore just

So i got in and made my appointment but i had about 4 hours to kill before my appointment so i went shopping instead of going home in case i didn't go back.

So hours later i went in and the tattosist a lovely lady called judy drew me a little butterfly which i wanted in pinks.

Then she sat me int he chair and started to do my tattoo.

I was pleasantly surprise that it wasn't sore...just a little ncomfortable. It felt like my arm was being jabbed and scratched.

So I am now the proud owner of a little pink butterfly on my right arm.

And it couldn't have been that sore as i am planning the bits want added to it...namely a yellow rose as in march i have been married 15 years and want something to remember it by.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

These are my new hobby...I have taken up beading to give me a challenge and boy is it a challenge.
These are my lovely beaded bookmarks i have made this week...and i thoroughly enjoyed making them.

These are my new creations...

These are my new project also. They are charms which can be worn on zips, handbags, mobile etc etc the list is endless.

I am also goign to attempt seed beading ...its alot harder than it looks but i will give it a good

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

piercing again

Well i keep forgetting to update my blow...isn't that terrible!
On saturday the 25th October i went to a piercing studio..( piercings by jooles in montrose) and got my eye brow pierced.
I have wanted one for a while and just thought why i did
I would no thave said it was sore at all and over all i like the piercing and i am glad i had it done.
The piercing itself was relatively painless.
The skin in clamped in little tongs and clamped down. Then you feel a prick of the needle then a slight push then a throb and that is it done.
The hole itself bled a little but that was it.
Unfortunaely the clamp moved and ihad to have it pierced twice, he went in the same bottom hole but made a new top hole.
Then he inserted the steel eyebrow bar and that was it.
It wasnt painful apart from the occasional throb and it bled when i was in the shower.
It has healed lovely and i cant wait till i can put in a nice pink brow bar....
Who says your too old at 36 to try new things?