Tuesday, November 11, 2008

piercing again

Well i keep forgetting to update my blow...isn't that terrible!
On saturday the 25th October i went to a piercing studio..( piercings by jooles in montrose) and got my eye brow pierced.
I have wanted one for a while and just thought why not.....so i did
I would no thave said it was sore at all and over all i like the piercing and i am glad i had it done.
The piercing itself was relatively painless.
The skin in clamped in little tongs and clamped down. Then you feel a prick of the needle then a slight push then a throb and that is it done.
The hole itself bled a little but that was it.
Unfortunaely the clamp moved and ihad to have it pierced twice, he went in the same bottom hole but made a new top hole.
Then he inserted the steel eyebrow bar and that was it.
It wasnt painful apart from the occasional throb and it bled when i was in the shower.
It has healed lovely and i cant wait till i can put in a nice pink brow bar....
Who says your too old at 36 to try new things?

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