Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hubbys still poorly

What a rubbish day i have had today

My pc went crash and wont do a thing after downloading a windows update!

So i need to sort out a new pc as i needed a new one rather than fix it again....just dont have the time to go out and buy one so im using my old least i have a pc to use.

Hubby is still not good...his temperature is spiking all over the place and he still has tummy he was rushed to hospital on saturday night by ambulance...gave the neighbours something to gossip

Today he got a ct scan and it showed he has inflammation in his tummy.

They think that his brain shunt is rubbing against his tummy and making it sore they also think the shunt may be infected.

They think it may have been infected the first time too....

So they are going to operate on friday and insert a camera into his tummy to see what is going on in there. Then they are going to wash out his tummy and give it a good clean.
If they think it is an infected shunt they are going to remove it by cutting him behind his ear and taking it out. They will attempt to see if he can live without a shunt....scarey as last time he only got to 2 days without it.

If he cant live without one they will insert a new one and hopefully it will be ok...third time lucky maybe

After all that he is being pumped full of antibiotics... so fingers crossed all goes well and he is painfree after they sort him out tomorrow...hes had 6 weeks of pain now


sarah seaman said...

owwww mariell

hope it all works out for the best soon

and if you hp over to my blog i've left you something


mariell said...

oh sarah thank you very much its lovely