Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sorry for being absent

It has been a really hectic few months
Ally is Home after 5 operations and an infection which was there for most of his 14 weeks ill. He has had his shunt removed then inserted, stomach infection, bowel inflammation, reservoir removed and also memory loss
He is now out of hospital and is looking loads better though he is left with more short term memory loss and also some long term loss. It is like living with someone with domentia where they forget stuff all the time and repeat them selves but hes home and alive that is all that matters.
Anyway i have been beading again and almost finished a new patter which i am hoping might do as a wedding necklace for a friend but ill post it soon and you can give me your opinions on it.
Now i have a little free time i hope to get back into my beading as it really is relaxing and im enjoying it again.

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