Monday, August 2, 2010

wedding cards... another

I seem to have my mojo back big time. These again are cards i haven't made before but i thought i would bite the bullet and attempt them. Getting the new tilda bridal couple helped alot as it gave me the image to start.
I also love the prima e-line flowers they are so lovely and in many different colours and at £1.50 a pack they go a long way.
I really love the tilda range of stamps......i just need to learn to colour better though but at least it didn't turn out too bad.....i hope


PepPop said...

Ooh gorgeous cards. Love the colours and layout of the top two. The butterfly is beautiful and the bells and rings on the last one are really elegant. Jaqui x

Rainmac said...

Beautiful wedding cards, think your mojo is well and truly back with you xxx