Thursday, October 8, 2009

Busy making preserves and jams

This is what i have been upto the last couple of months.
Thanks to my friend Amanda i have been making chutneys,jams and i have also attempted to pickle things.
I have jams like....strawberry, mixed fruit, damson, plum, bramble
Chutneys are mediteranean, peach, banana, apple, spicy apple, beetroot, mango, pear..the list goes on
I have also pickled home grown cucumbers and beetroot. I also attemped to pickle eggs for xmas and some yellow peppers
So nice not having to but it all i just have to go through to my little cupboard and get them.
Can you guess what everyone is getting for
I have done hampers for my parents and friends..which i wil also add sweets, shortbread, oatcakes and crackers and possible some cheese too to go with the chutneys and jams.

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leia said...

Wow you've made loads - I would love to recieve those as gifts! My friend gave me a spiced apple jelly last year she'd made and it was amazing s